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- necrosphere -

Recorded at Studio Fredman in February 2002
Produced by Fredrik Nordström and Buried Dreams
Engineered and Mixed by Patrick J.
Mastered by Göran Finnberg at Mastering Room
Artwork by Antonio De Yta
Pictures by Adriana Mercado
Digital layout by Eric Jasso


01.Io (5:21)
02.Remorse (6:10)
03.Andromeda Strain (6:07)
04.The Shadow Murderer (7:24)
05.Redemption (4:27)
06.Immortal Echoes (4:34)
07.Inside Reallity (8:38)
08.Death Beneath (5:24)
09.Mictlanmatini (4:20)
10.Preemptive Solution* (7:26)
11.Death Beneath (demo verion)*

*japanesse bonus tracks
Keyboards on "The Shadow Murderer" played by Ezequiel Mendoza
Vocals on "Preemptive Solution" by Antonio De Yta
Guest vocals on "Inside Reality" by Mikael Stanne

Eric Olguin - vocals
Antonio De Yta - guitar
Ndua Valdespino - guitar
Ezequiel Mendoza - bass
Daniel Romero - drums

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